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What is Somehub?

Somehub aims to streamline and improve the social media experience for its users.

Somehub provides socially active users with a mobile application to improve their social media experience. We do this by eliminating the need to navigate between multiple social media platforms, centralizing the multiple platforms into one streamlined platform, and allowing for flexible management of the social media platforms in one place.


Somehub gathers social media platforms into the same application, allowing the user to interact with each platform simultaneously or individually. This provides socially active individuals with a convenient way to save time and improve their social media experience. Somehub does this by removing the users’ need to switch between the different platforms to view or share experiences and thoughts, centralizing the various social networks, and expediting the social media experience.

Our Values

Our team values a user experience and interface that is easy, clean, feature-rich, steamlined, customizable, and flexible.