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Reactgram is a responsive MERN stack application that allows users to comment on an Instagram-like post. I decided to create Reactgram to showcase my expanding knowledge of full-stack technologies. MongoDB, Node, and Express make up the back-end side of the application, and React with Redux handle the front-end side of things. Users are able to login and register through the power of Redux and JSON Web Tokens.

I decided to use MongoDB for this application. As someone with a background of using the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), I found the pairing of MongoDB with Node and Express to be intuitive and refreshing. The Mongoose library made it so simple to connect to my database, create the models, and set up the schemas.

For the user authorization, I utilized Bcrypt.js to hash passwords and ensure that passwords were securely stored in the database. I also used JSON Web Tokens ensure that users are logged in and allowed to access the POST and DELETE routes.