About Me

My name is Arantxa Edwards, but many people call me Ronnie. I am a Dominican-American from Connecticut, and I moved to Florida to attend the University of Central Florida. I am currently studying web design as a Digital Media major.

I started learning HTML at the young age of 12 in order to customize my profile pages on websites and webforums. Over the years, I've branched out and taught myself CSS, SASS, Javascript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress, and much more. I hope to continue to broaden my skillset and to gain experience working on different types of interfaces.

While visual design and web development are my primary focus, I also enjoy drawing, photography, music, fitness, and travel. I'm working towards gaining experience in my field and partnering with other like-minded, creative individuals to one day create my own media studio, where I hope to help businesses push their brands to the next level.